I love seeing the modern take on pearls designers are showing this week!  

I found this today and couldn't help but share it.  Who isn't inspired by and doesn't love Dr. Seuss?!  Happy Monday! 

Sunday Inspiration

I woke up this morning dreaming of the west.  

Weekend Inspiration

Long summer days make us long for the French and Italian Riviera! 

Thanks for the inspiration, Sincerely Jules.

Cinco de Mayo


     Yesterday I celebrated Cinco de Mayo at tacos and tequila cantina.  This great restaurant opened last year just around the corner from my house - and we love it!  It is a fun and hip local spot with a great atmosphere and delicious food and drinks.  The best part is the wait staff.  Every time we go, we ask for Luis!  

     I was excited to read a review from an old friend of mine and discover the recipes for some of our favorite drinks.  Read the full story below.  

Go check it our for yourself- and don't forget to wear your pearls!